Our Process

Our Process

What We do for You!

We provide all natural and great smelling products that are safe for You, your family, and Pets!

Our Products do NOT contain DEET or PICARIDIN.  These chemicals are dangerous for the environment.  We developed our solutions to be just as effective, but without the harmful side effects.

Our Intelligent Insect Pest Management Platform, Cultivated Data, is designed to introduce efficiencies in the micro-climates that support the growers ideal crop environment. The Cultivated Data Process enables the grower to finely tune, track and monitor their infrastructures needs and align their pest management and custom nutritional plan with their desired outcome and compliance needs.

Five Operational GROWTH Strategies

  • Prevention
  • Application Management
  • Monitoring
  • Analytics
  • Reporting

Years of Experience in Eco-Management

Fidelity Ag personnel have decades of experience in leading large multi-national businesses, pest prevention product creation, global technology infrastructure, hardware and software experience, multi-national sales and financial consulting practices. Our leadership is hyper-focused on solving problems created from chemical use for mankind and the environment.

Advisory Services

Fidelity Ag offers advisory services for strategic partners within the industry who are interested in profit sharing partnering opportunities in vertically integrated operations.

Dedicated Support

When you partner with Fidelity Ag by deploying the Cultivated Data Platform – and – purchase our organic insecticides or nutritional health programs; our chemist become your chemist – and – our technologist become your technologist to support your ability to capture more business.